Why do we judge others?

I think we can all be guilty of judging people around us, me included! It could be something really simple like saying “What is wrong with that woman? She’s wearing a big heavy coat in this the middle of summer, there must be something wrong with her.”

Why do we do this?

I believe we tend to rush to judgement because of a lack of knowledge and understanding. We can’t begin to understand others choices without first knowing why. Perhaps the woman I thought was crazy needs extra layers because of a medical condition and whether we can see a physical disability or it’s a hidden disability such as fibromyalgia or depression if we understood perhaps we wouldn’t judge.

When we find ourselves judging others choices perhaps we should take five minutes and consider the reasons why, if we arm ourselves with knowledge (google has a wealth of it) perhaps we will be more empathetic, we will be kinder to our fellow human beings and perhaps passing someone a smile or a nod could have a huge impact on their day.


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